Alligator Warrior Festival

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The Unconquered Seminoles An episode of the WGCU Untold Stories series.

YouTube video of the 2011 Alligator Warrior Festival. Courtesy of

YouTube video of the 2010 Alligator Warrior Festival. Courtesy of

How the West Was Lost, Unconquered Seminoles.

Miccosukee Magazine TV, The Battle of Loxahatchee.

Florida State Parks

O'Leno State Park

Reserve America - RV campsite rental

Florida State Park's Annual Pass

Friends of San Felasco, Inc. CSO of San Felasco State Park

Food Safety Division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Reenactor Resources

Units and Associations

Florida Frontier Guards

Florida Reenactors

Florida Wars Reenactors

Florida Artist Blacksmith Association

Historic Florida Militia Links to Spanish and British units and events.

Online Suppliers

Many events will have traders that can get you everything that you need but when they can't, then you have the internet.

96 District Fabrics (Reproduction Fabrics)

Blockade Runner Suppliers to Civil War reenactors. Some 2nd Seminole War and Mexican War items also available.

Buffalo Bill's Shooting Store in Orlando. Black powder weapons and supplies.

C & D Jarnagin Company - Military Uniforms

Clearwater Hats

Crazy Crow Trading Post largest supplier of Native American craft supplies

Dell's Leather Works

Dirty Billy's Hats

Dixie Gun Works

Essential Depot - Soap Making Supplies

Ft. Downing Trading Co. a home based historical clothing business for men and women. We do our own sewing using authentic patterns of 18th Century life (French & Indian War and Revolutionary War).

Foxwood Forge Blacksmith

Fugawee Boot Company Supplier of historically acurate footware.

G. Gedney Godwin, Inc.

GOEX Black Powder

Huberd's leather care products

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

Loafers Glory Sutler Civil War items for men and women.

Log Cabin - Muzzle Loading Firearms & Kits

Loyalist Arms Longarms sells and repairs

Missouri Boot & Shoe Company Supplier of historically acurate footware.

Old Fashions By Emily Etsy Store for Historical Clothing and Accessories.

Panther Primitives Manufacturer of tents and dealer in a full range of camp supplies.

Quartermaster Depot

The Quartermaster General

Saint Augustine Textiles

Shinin' Times Powder Horns

Tophat's Sutlery Civil War and Pioneer items

Track of the Wolf Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Breech Loading Guns

Veterans Arms Black Powder Muskets and Pistols. PO Box 458 / 1663 Broad St. Lumpkin GA 31815

Village Green Clothier

The Wandering Bull

History Resources and Digital Libraries

Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum of the Seminole Tribe of Florida

19th Century Seminole Clothing for Men: published online by Rick Obermeyer

Tour of the Florida Territory during the Florida Seminole Wars, 1792-1859. An excellent web site maintained by Chris Kimball

Seminole Wars Foundation

A Guide for Civil War Re-enactors at 2nd Seminole War Reenactments, 1835-1842

Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties

Florida Frontier Gazette

The Smoke and Fire Newspaper Listing battle re-enactments, historic festivals, rendezvous, and many other living history events from all over the United States and Canada.

European Travelers in the US 1830-1840

Making of America - Cornell University A variety of newspapers and Monthly Magazines from the 19th Century

Making of America - University of Michigan a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction

American Military Strategy in the Second Seminole War A thesis by John C. White Jr., Major, USMC

George Washington O'Rear and the Seminole Indian War Memoir written around 1900 by the daughter of a man who fought in the Second Seminole War; 1836-1837 with the Tennessee Volunteers

The Army of the United States Historical Sketches of Staff and Line with Portraits of Generals-in-Chief This work contains information on Army Branches of service, its regiments, and its commanders, through the 1880's.

US Army Center of Military History Lots of resources relating to the US Army's history.

Tune Book Live a database of tunes (sheet music). Its main interest is with various traditional forms of northern and western European music, and their north American relatives - the jigs and reels, polka, polska, schottische, bourrée, etc.

The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection Sheet music spanning from 1780-1960


John and Mary Lou Missall Authors/Seminole Wars Historians

Seminole Wars Foundation

Acanthus Books features cookbook and food history titles from antiquity to the early 20th century


Alligator Warrior Festival Facebook Group

Florida Wars Reenactors

Seminole War History

Southeastern Native Reenacting

Flintlock Guns

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Columbia County Tourist Development Council

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